Proposed ban on Gladiolus undulatus and Alstroemeria aurea in the US

Tony Avent
Thu, 28 Jul 2011 15:27:27 PDT

The disappointment is the USDA-Aphis is completely broke after wasting money on ridiculous projects like trying to predict invasiveness.  Many of the plants on the list have been grown for many decades in the US. If they had bothered to even do a Google search, they would know this. This is being driving by eco-nazis who live in a bizarre alternative universe. We just hosted a training meeting by USDA-Aphis for plant inspectors from countries around the world.  Even the USDA folks at the lower levels (still PhD's know this invasive prediction is insane, but no one at higher levels pay any attention to their concern.  Everyone needs to write their congressman and get this insanity stopped.  Perhaps they could focus the little money they do have on actually inspecting incoming plants instead of outsourcing this to inspectors from around the world.  Perhaps we need to cut their funding further until they get the memo about wasting tax dollars.

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This is really interesting. Surprising to learn that G. undulatus has that potential. Not surprising at all in case of A. aurea (A. aurantiaca), as there are several reports of its invasiveness in cold climates (I wonder in which regions of Australia it is invasive?).

Another Alstroemeria with great weediness potential in warmer climates is A. pulchella/pisttacina.

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