Proposed ban on Gladiolus undulatus and Alstroemeria aurea in the US

J. Agoston
Thu, 28 Jul 2011 13:03:01 PDT
Dear Michael,

Alstroemeria aurea is widely sold. You can buy it and it's cultivars, like
Orange King and Lutea at several places. As a bare root plant is is sold all
over the world by Dutch wholesale companies, or you may buy it as a
pre-packed flowerbulb. (These are not inspected by APHIS-PPQ) It is also
present in botanical gardens, and in their seed exhanges.
I have grown this plant in Hungary. On clay it didn't sprouted, the roots
are so brittle and sensitive to rots, it cannot withstand winter wetness.
Altough it can overwinter in Z6 in sand, if givern winter protection.
Their rhizomes are not as widespread as they might say. I agree that in Z7
and upper it really can be a weed, but not in the lower zones.

Z5a, Hungary

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