James Waddick
Thu, 30 Jun 2011 21:58:42 PDT
>There has been some work done in breeding hardy Crocosmia in South Korea in
>recent years. If I ever hear anything I'll let the list know.
>In the UK Mark Wash of Trecanna Nursery is currently using the high altitude
>Crocosmia pearsei and also Crocosmia mathewsiana in a breeding program the
>results will be very interesting indeed, but of course it may take several
>years to find out if something can be considered hardier or not.

Dear Dave,
	Good news and prospects for even more hardy varieties in the future.

	'Lucifer' is blooming  in full swing and even as the days are 
100F and a bit higher they are still unfazed.

	Gotta love 'em.

			Best		Jim W.
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