Allium tricoccum was Tropaeolum tricolor

Max Withers
Mon, 18 Jul 2011 21:11:06 PDT
I wanted to alert Bay Area residents that I spotted Allium tricoccum
bulbs at Berkeley Bowl this week. I have never seen the bulbs for sale
before, the source was "California", so I imagine some kind of
commercial ramp-growing operation. They were delicious, though a
little milder than I expected (it's been a few years since I had whole
spring ramps). I managed not to eat a couple that retained decent
basal plates, and planted them directly into my "woodland" area (about
3'x15' under some inherited Camellias). I'll let you know if I can get
them to grow.

I also wanted to thank Jane and others for advice on T. tricolor, I
have decided to build my windowbox after all, and support it with
chains for the Tropaeolums to grow up.

Oakland CA

PS Berkeley Bowl also has oca (Oxalis tuberosa) from NZ this week.

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