Latitude and its effect on bloom times

Stephen Putman
Fri, 29 Jul 2011 19:52:43 PDT
On a related matter, I dug up 8 days ago a clump of large Lycoris squamigera 
bulbs from my garden in Philadelphia.  They sat in a paper bag with no medium, indoors in an air conditioned room until now.  Yesterday, I went to check the bag and discovered 8-10" long flower stalks on all the large bulbs.  What was it?  Shock?  8 cool nights?, etc.?  This was not intended as a controlled experiment, but maybe there is something to learn.

Steve Putman in Delaware
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Another thing you might want to record as well as bllom time for A. belladonna, 
is when the leaves first emerge.  This may correlate with bloom time, but more 
likely with water and temperature.  I suppose, to be thorough, one might also 
record when the leaves die, and when the scape emerges.
David E.

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