Summer iris

John Grimshaw
Wed, 27 Jul 2011 11:17:01 PDT
Apropos the recent discussion of Iris domestica and I dichtoma and their 
hybrid, it may be of interest to know that the formal combination Iris x 
norrisii (L.W. Lenz) C. Whitehouse, has just been published in the Royal 
Horticultural Society's scientific journal Hanburyana.

It seems that this combination had not formally been made previously, 
although it has clearly been used for some time.

John Grimshaw

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> >You brought a question to mind.  What are the xpardancanda's called
>>now?  Iris x norrisii?
> Dear Tony,
> Yes these "Candy Lilies " (Iris, not lilies) are officially
> Iris x norrisii now since both parents have (re)joined the genus Iris.

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