Cyclamen photo
Tue, 19 Jul 2011 23:32:11 PDT
Hello Ina,

If you would like to ring me at home my husband might be able to help with 
your camera settings as he is a bit
of a shutter bug.  He will need to know the model of the camera.

We live in West Auckland so it will not be long distance for you. 

Kind regards,

Darlene Cook

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Thanks Roland.  And yes, the bulbs are half or more above the ground.

As for the camera, I bought it on Trademe, which is the NZ equivalent of
eBay, so that is not an option I have.  Will investigate further at this
end.  Manuals are all very well, but one needs to know quite a bit
already, before a manual is helpful.....


On 20/07/2011 5:27 p.m., bulborum botanicum wrote:
> Ina
> It is C. persicum
> with bulbs always half or more above the soil
> go back to the shop where you bought the camera
> and explain the problem
> they can reset it and make an other favourite setting
> Roland
> 2011/7/19 Ina Crossley<>:
>> Hello Boyce
>> I don't know much about Cyclamen.  I tried the bigger kind and it didn't
>> keep on going over the years.  This is a littler one, and as far as I
>> can see on the PBS yes, it is the Cyclamen persicum.  Also now available
>> in the local plant nurseries.
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