A updated version of the list of the nurseries which could export from China.

Fierycloud fierycloud2002@yahoo.com.tw
Sun, 31 Jul 2011 19:52:29 PDT
I'm a little interested in fake Phytos.

Because our BAPHIQ (NPPO of Taiwan) told me that, all the phytos are 
recorded both in export and import country.
While there is a concernsed pest inpected, the sepecies will be prohibited 
to import from the country for years. (If only the genus name on phyto, 
then the whole genus will be suspend.)

Is the "fake phyto" you mean issued the by the official, but the 
imformation on it is not real ? 
Because the inspector should indentify the official one. 
(The phyto in China have 2 different use. One is international, and one is 
for acrossing the provinces. Both needs a provision from a county at 
least to indentifiled the produce area.)

By the way, our baphiq told me that while importing, if a genus which have 
concered species such as pest host, endangered, cites, etc.
Then the full botanical name (or both gunus and variety name) should be on 
the phyto. But I have be told by the NTIO (Netherlands office in Taiwan) 
that the most of the international plants trades only asking for the 
genus name.
(And the situation of phyto which only have the genus name had let me 
asking for replacement 5 times last years, and each time need an extra 50 
euro dollars for administrative fee.(and off course the new phyto's 45-65 
Euro dollars each time.))


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