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Bracey Tiede tiede@pacbell.net
Sun, 31 Jul 2011 15:29:18 PDT
Well said, Tim.  FB is just another avenue for spreading the word about PBS.

I also stayed off FB for a while but now enjoy connecting with gardening
friends around the world to share questions, photos, information, events,
announcements.  I manage 4 FB pages and two groups and everyone is
remarkably well behaved - at least in the connections that I have.  

Confession:  I posted the Pacific Hort Society (one of the 4 pages) item
about the Chile spring bloom that caused FB to create the PBS place holder.
It's not even a page yet but is waiting for someone to take it on and get it
going.  Someone from PBS should take advantage.  It's not difficult to do.
Take a look.


FB does require some postings to keep it lively and it's a snap to post
photos there for ID or questions.  As for personal security, you can post as
little or as much info about yourself as you like.  I know people who have
faux FB pages because they don't want high school classmates to find them so
they control completely who their friends are on FB. 

San Jose

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To sum several posts up:

Yes, with the multi million dollar ad campaign launched last year, I'm quite
convinced that all bulb enthusiasts already know about PBS and additional
exposure albeit free and easy is a complete waste of time.   It would be
insane to tap into this network since it's just kids or adults wanting to be
kids. The rumors of thousands of plant collectors in FB are false, nobody
could possibly join PBS via finding it on facebook.  Everyone that would
want to join PBS already has, and nobody new will ever come along, unless
they find it through the website.  Granted the website was a new avenue for
PBS that is probably responsible for most new memberships. However, using
other new avenues will be disastrous leading to tons of spam sending
middle-age crisis having non enthusiast FB users ruining everything.  Given
all of the news stories on businesses crashing after more FB exposure we
should abandon this nonsense now. No group or society or business can reap
any benefits from exposur
 e to over 100 million users in a network where people with similar
interests can find each.   It's bad it's bad it's bad I don't know how to
set up privacy features and I'm scared of it, it's bad bad bad!! 

Seriously people, if you don't like it don't use it. If it weren't for the
web even more plant societies would have folded already. Using new
technologies and interactive functions is the key to survival for most plant
societies. Some now only exist in digital form, if not they'd be gone
already.  Any decent plant enthusiast's goal is to share and teach and hope
others will share their passion.  Limiting avenues to do this is not very

I avoided FB for years thinking it was just a younger crowd and just a
source of gossip for many. That sect is there but when I joined it was
mainly for relatives that I can't see very often, then found some plant
friends, and their friends etc. In a short amount of time I've seen tons of
rare ginger (my main interest) photos that otherwise I'd never have seen or
known about. I also can talk to the people who have these rarities etc. I'm
37, I know I'm 37, don't care to be younger or older, never been stalked or
spammed, nor have any other bad things ever happened. 

Tim Chapman

On Jul 31, 2011, at 3:49 PM, Dennis Kramb <dkramb@badbear.com> wrote:

> Offensive?  Hmmmm.  I'm just thinking that nobody will pay $20 (or $25) to
> join PBS if they are not already a bulb connoisseur.
> I'm sorry that my perspective offends you.
> PS:  You have a great collection of Pings!  I loooooooove that genus.
> On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 1:43 PM, Kiyel Boland <kyle.b1@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
>> "I wholeheartedly agree.  Anyone who finds PBS via Facebook is probably
>> much of a bulb connoisseur in the first place."
>> Well excuse me,
>> But when you search Facebook for "Oxalis" my website comes up, and i get
>> many hits on both,  my website and online photo album.
>> I also find that comment really offensive
>> And I'm glad folk out side of "Pacific Bulb Society" won't see that
>> comment, other wise they would think we were a "Bunch of judgmental bulb
>> snobs", to quote  John T Lonsdale
>> Kiyel
>> Kiyel Boland
>> kyle.b1@xtra.co.nz
>> http://www.savagegardenz.co.nz/
>> http://public.fotki.com/savagegardenz/
>> On 1/08/2011, at 2:42 AM, Dennis Kramb wrote:
>>> On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 10:27 AM, John T Lonsdale <john@johnlonsdale.net
>>> wrote:
>>>> "I would imagine a whole lot of
>>>> people on Facebook might bump into bulbs there for the first time, and
>> then
>>>> come to the PBS for more."
>>> And I can't possibly imagine that.
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