What's blooming this week - 7/26/2011

Jay Yourch jay.yourch@gmail.com
Tue, 26 Jul 2011 18:05:13 PDT
Hymenocallis tubiflora is flowering for the first time for me, although I've
had the bulb long enough that its container is full of offsets.  This plant
spends winter in the house and the rest of the year on the back porch.  It
seems happiest with bright light, without too much direct sunlight, and
plenty of moisture.  I've been told the trick for getting it to flower is to
keep it on the dry side for a month or two in late spring. That's what I did
this year and the scape emerged about two weeks after I resumed watering it


Lycoris squamigera reliably flowers, without foliage, in the garden this
time of year.  It's easy to grow and flower, but the bulbs flower more
heavily and multiply faster where their roots stay moist throughout the



Raleigh, North Carolina
Zone 7b

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