Starting up

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 15:37:41 PDT
When I began growing bulbs fifteen years ago I started from bulbs that were
not obtained commercially. They came from friends, association with a
botanic garden, seed and eventually, IBS. I am going to be talking to
gardeners who want to start growing South African bulbs (as many of mine
are). These people are unlikely to have the friends and contacts I had and
most will have to go the commercial route. I shall advise seed growing,
shall recommend PBS but I shall also provide them with a list of commercial
sources, both at home and abroad, whee they can purchase bulbs ready to
bloom next year. 

For this list can you suggest sources that I may not have. Starting up, they
are unlikely to be looking for rare bulbs but they will be looking for
plenty of variety. Thanks


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