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Kiyel Boland kyle.b1@xtra.co.nz
Sun, 31 Jul 2011 10:43:51 PDT
"I wholeheartedly agree.  Anyone who finds PBS via Facebook is probably not
much of a bulb connoisseur in the first place."

Well excuse me, 
But when you search Facebook for "Oxalis" my website comes up, and i get so many hits on both,  my website and online photo album. 
I also find that comment really offensive
And I'm glad folk out side of "Pacific Bulb Society" won't see that comment, other wise they would think we were a "Bunch of judgmental bulb snobs", to quote  John T Lonsdale

Kiyel Boland

On 1/08/2011, at 2:42 AM, Dennis Kramb wrote:

> On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 10:27 AM, John T Lonsdale <john@johnlonsdale.net>wrote:
>> "I would imagine a whole lot of
>> people on Facebook might bump into bulbs there for the first time, and then
>> come to the PBS for more."
> And I can't possibly imagine that.
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