What's blooming this week - Introduction

Nhu Nguyen xerantheum@gmail.com
Mon, 25 Jul 2011 22:38:31 PDT
Dear bulbophiles,

A number of years ago when the PBS list got started, there were many fun
projects from the list members to encourage exchange. And exchange it was.
There were things like Favorite
Topic of the Week. These topics were so informative that we still
to them these days. They are linked throughout the wiki.

Since many of us like to share what plants we have blooming, I thought that
we could have something similar to those projects I mentioned before. It's
so easy to take digital images these days and upload them, there is no
reason why this could not be a fun item for the list. I have several
thoughts on why this is beneficial.
  - generation of interest in different bulbs which leads to discussion
about growing them
  - keeping us informed of what other members are growing, and how we can
grow them too
  - secure an archived record of what is blooming in what part of the world
for that week. Eventually I hope to put together a database using the
collective knowledge from this project.

How to do it:
It's simple. You just need to take a photo of what is blooming this week and
upload it to one of the photo hosting sites such as Flickr or Picasa. If you
have Google or Yahoo accounts, you can access these sites and they are free
for all. Then you write into the list and include a link. You may wish to
discuss why it is your favorite, how to grow it, etc...

If you are the first person to start a thread (on Monday), please write
"What's blooming this week - (insert date here)". This way, we can trace
which week the post was made easily from the archive when it is searched.
Please include a name of the plant that is in bloom and where it is grown.
If someone else already started a thread, just continue with that thread.
That's all.

How to keep it going:
It just takes participation from the membership. I'm sure someone out there
can find a photo of something happening during each week of the year, even
in the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere
should be blooming. This is the advantage of having a global society. I will
try my best to post at least one photo of a bulb blooming. Let's see how
this will work out and I hope to have a lot of participation from everyone!

Berkeley, CA

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