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Thu, 07 Jul 2011 05:42:33 PDT
For me, coral sand seems to generally be fine for Crinum, Hippeastrum, Habranthus, Zephyranthes, Hymenocallis, Brunsvigia,Tulbaghia, Bulbine, most Aloe, at least some Allium, and others I can't remember without more caffeine this morning.
Anything that tolerates neutral to alkaline pH seems to be OK.  If I think there may be residual chloride in the sand I add a little epsom salt.  
It drains very well and in my case is depleted for trace minerals.  The big problem is retaining some moisture for plants that don't tolerate dessication in their pots.  I usually add 40% to 80% well composted organic material for those plants or even polymer (water-sorb, etc.) for moisture-loving plants.  The organic material rots away fairly quickly so after a year or so the bulbs end up in high sand content and need repotting.

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> Hi,
> Has any one used coral sand in their potting mix?  Here in Hawaii I have two
> choices, either Basalt or Coral sand.
> Regards,
> Fred in Pahoa, Hawaii
> Zone 10 -11, with 180 inches of rain 
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