Polianthes and Hymenocallis

Dennis Kramb dkramb@badbear.com
Sat, 23 Jul 2011 10:44:13 PDT
I posted some photos of geophytes I'm growing in pots here:

http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/01-Polianthes/ tuberosa 'Suvarna'.JPG
http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/02-Polianthes/ tuberosa 'Suvarna'.JPG
http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/03-Rain/ lilies from Kroger (Habranthus).JPG
http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/04-Hymenocallis/ 'Festalis'.JPG
http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/05-Hymenocallis/ 'Festalis'.JPG
http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/06-Polianthes/ tuberosa.JPG
http://www.badbear.com/dkramb/07-Polianthes/ geminiflora.JPG

I tried something new this year with my tender bulbs.  After their winter
rest in the basement, I planted some of in orchid pots filled with leca

Polianthes tuberosa 'Suvarna' seems to love it.  They seem tremendously
happy compared to last year when they were in regular potting mix... in a
regular clay pot.  Although, to be fair, the regular Polianthes tuberosa is
still in a regular clay pot in regular potting mix, and it seems awfully
happy this year too.

Hymenocallis x 'Festalis' also seems quite happy in the orchid pot with leca
stones... although one bulb took forever to awaken from dormancy.

I included some photos where you can see the roots.  I keep them all well
watered, and add fertilizer to the water at least once a week.

The rain lilies are in regular potting mix, but they love being in the
orchid pot with the little reservoir of water at the bottom.

Polianthes geminiflora is a little perplexing to me.  I thought I would
struggle to keep it happy through the winter, indoors under lights, but in
actuality keeping it happy outside has been far more difficult.  Most of
them died back, and are just now resprouting.  I don't know what they
want... maybe more water, more shade, or less heat?

Dennis in Cincinnati

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