Crocus kotschyanus, was Galanthus virus

Jane McGary
Fri, 29 Jul 2011 09:30:35 PDT
Rodger wrote
>When you buy Crocus kotschyanus from
>Dutch sources, you get a form that has small, badly distorted 
>flowers, whereas
>a clean stock has flowers as big as good forms of C. chrysanthus.

Named forms of Crocus kotschyanus are available from sources in the 
Netherlands that are healthy and large-flowered. One is called 
'Reliant', and the other I acquired with only collectors' initials 
JRJK. I've been growing these for many years. They don't increase as 
fast as the commonly sold form (often misnamed "C. karduchorum," 
which is a different and rare species). I think 'Reliant' can also be 
had from Potterton's in  the UK.

Soon we'll start to see the fall-flowering crocuses, and a new crocus 
year will begin.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

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