Delphinium carolinianum

Peter Taggart
Wed, 13 Jul 2011 02:51:30 PDT
A very interesting link Dennis, Thankyou.
 I'd like to try these American Delphiniums more.
I grow Delphinium orfordii, another summer dormant delphinium, in a trough
with a jonquill daffodill and Tulipa kurdica for company. It is in a cool
position  and the growing medium is mostly 6mm grit with a little loam. I
feed it occasionally in March/ April and plenty of water in spring. It self
seeds a little. The origional plant took three years to germinate from a
seed exchange. It has been in the trough for about six years. I used to grow
D tricorne as a "bulb" in a pot for about six years but it did not survive
when I last moved house, I gave it a richer mix. but it only did well for
about three years. It did take a year out once, when it stayed dormant but
grew the following year.
Peter (UK)

On Wed, Jul 13, 2011 at 4:11 AM, Dennis Kramb <> wrote:

> Hey everyone, I might have found the answer to my question...
> According to
>… "The
> preference is full sun, rather dry conditions, and soil that is rocky or
> sandy. This wildflower dislikes competition and prefers barren ground where
> the ground vegetation is sparse."
> So this would explain why it failed to establish in my prairie bed.... too
> much competition.  I will try it again in my gravel bed where Opuntia
> flourishes.  :-)
> Thanks for the feedback!
> Dennis in Cincinnati
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