Geophytic Delphinium species, was Delphinium carolinianum

Mary Sue Ittner
Thu, 14 Jul 2011 07:53:03 PDT
Hi Andrew,

I've grown Delphinium parryi which is a lovely species and I still 
have one left. Ones I planted out are gone. I started some new ones 
from seed this year, but if I succeed with them, they could be 
hybrids. D. cardinale was difficult to keep going and to flower 
although I did get it to flower for a number of years. The others 
that continue to bring me pleasure besides Delphinium nudicaule and 
Delphinum luteum are: Delphinium patens, Delphinium hesperium, 
Delphinium decorum, and Delphinium variegatum. The birds sometimes 
bother the new leaves and a Delphinium decorum I didn't move before 
it grew through some wire I had put over the pots was especially 
spectacular this year when it was in bloom. It is a wonderful color. 
Plants I grew from saved seed of it are also doing well, but are a 
darker blue. Delphinium recurvatum is doing less well, but surviving.

Mary Sue

>Have you tried Delphinium parryi, the one with the large blue flowers?

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