Proposed ban on Gladiolus undulatus and Alstroemeria aurea in the US

Michael Mace
Thu, 28 Jul 2011 12:30:50 PDT


The US government has proposed that seeds and plants of Alstroemeria aurea
and Gladiolus undulatus be banned from importation into the US because they
might become weeds.  I think they would probably also be banned from
interstate commerce within the US.  


There's a review process for the next two months when the government will
accept additional info and comments from the public, before the ban is made
official.  If there's evidence that the ban is inappropriate, it may be


I'd like to ask your help in collecting feedback for the government.  This
is just the first round of proposed species bans, and I think it's important
that we get ourselves involved in the process.  The government has said in
writing that it is open to feedback from groups like ours, and I think we
should take them up on that invitation.


Here are my questions for you:


1.  If you are in the US, do you grow Gladiolus undulatus or Alstroemeria
aurea today?  If not, have you tried them in the past?


2.  In your conditions, were they invasive?  Were they easy or difficult to
keep growing?


3.  Do you know of any sources for them in the US?


4. If you are a grower outside the US, have you supplied these species to
people in the US in the past?


These questions are important because a plant won't be banned if it is
already "established" in the US (whatever that means).  Also, the government
said in writing that it was interested in feedback from us on the
invasiveness of plants.


You can send comments to me privately or post them to the list.  I won't
identify anyone by name in the feedback to the government.


Previous discussions of plant bans on this list have sometimes turned into
venting sessions for frustrations at government regulations.  If you want to
vent, I won't stand in your way  ;-)   But I'm going to focus on collecting
data -- the regulators said they're open to input from us, and I want to
take them up on that offer.





San Jose, CA



PS:  The government said the following about Gladiolus undulatus.  Do you
agree?  "Gladiolus undulatus invades grassland, forest edges, riparian
habitats and seasonal freshwater wetlands. This perennial spreads by corms
and bulbils that can be carried by streams and in soil. It forms dense
extensive populations that crowd out native vegetation."


Here's the government comment on A. aurea:  "Alstroemeria aurea, with its
tuberous roots and long rhizomes, colonizes forests, forest edges, riparian
habitats and disturbed sites. It forms dense populations that crowd out
native plants and prevents their establishment. Recovering easily after
cutting to ground level, this herb forms numerous sterile shoots. All
rhizomes must be removed to prevent regrowth. Reported by Randall to be a
'garden thug', it is a naturalized, environmental and garden escape weed in
Australia. The sap can cause dermatitis."


More info:


--If you want to see the full list of plants to be banned, go here and click
on the PDF file:…


--If you want to post your own comment directly to the government, go here:…

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