Cyrtanthus Alaska

Vicent Lluis Ibañez Rosello
Wed, 27 Jul 2011 12:01:40 PDT
Last year I bought some bulbs of Cyrtanthus elatus "Alaska" that were
arrived at the end of spring. I watered them the same way as my other
C. elatus, but they showed no foliage until autumn. The leaves showed
a clear white midrib.This year at the end of spring they loosed their
leaves, while the original C. elatus are full green. Is that normal
for this cultivar? Or maybe I'm growing somethig else? Anyone growing
them can tell me if this dormancy is normal.

A final petititon. Is someone growing Cyrtanthus elatus "Snow Queen"?
Here in Europe it seems impossible to get, someone with small bulbs to

Thank you,

Vicente L. Ibañez
Valencia - Spain
Zone 9 a

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