Dianne Kaines, Galanthus virus

Mark BROWN brown.mark@wanadoo.fr
Fri, 29 Jul 2011 00:42:54 PDT
Hello Dianne,
Galanthus x 'Ding Dong' does have that "marbled" effet with me on the inner segment markings.
Wether this is part of the cultivars characteristics or not I can't really say.Everywhere else that I have seen it , it looks the same as mine.
Many cultivars have virus.G. 'Augustus' for example which is a very historic cultivar is always seen with virus.But everyone grows it nonetheless!
Sadly I think snowdrop collections or any collection for that matter are a minefield for virus and very little can be done about it.
I know of no collection of galanthus that has truely escaped virus! Those cultivars that are worst infected usually get binned and we hope that  the virus has not been passed on to other cultivars! A vain hope but the virus is less evident like that and eventually more resistant cultivars will triumph.
Virus are part of wild colonies too! And frequently snowdrop botrytis makes inroads and wipes out parts of whole colonies also!
Living and learing,

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> Hi Mark,
> I can't remember buying a Galanthus named 'Ding Dong' but I did get a
> message from John Grimshaw that that photo showed a Galanthus with a virus.
> We lifted and binned all the bulbs, as dreadful as it was at the time,
> because I didn't dare risk infection being carried to our other Galanthus.
> Warm regards
> Dianne

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