Repotting Season for Brunsvigia in NoCal

David Maxwell
Thu, 09 Jun 2011 08:40:29 PDT
Hi Ken,

I'm pleased to report that all 8 of your "Oct. 2008 Bruns. josephinae"
seedlings from our swap meet in Golden Gate Park 2 years ago are alive &
sleeping here in Sacramento.

Although I kept them potted & in dappled sun/mostly shade...they went
dormant a couple weeks ago...about the same time as some of my Amaryllis
belladonnas that are in beds in full sun.

When you gave them to me they were in individual 2"x2" black plastic pots.
At the end of last September, just a couple weeks before the start of our
Fall weather...when the afternoon highs start topping out (only) in the
F60s...I repotted all 8 into a larger communal clay pot.

My experience with Amaryllis belladonna seeds is that although they're
pretty tough and can be transplanted even during their growth cycle, when
I've repotted/bedded them when they're completely dormant, and just before
the start of their Winter growth cycle, when they do start to grow...and
their roots are no longer bound/contained...they grow very rapidly.  I would
almost go as far as to say 'explosively.'

So that's my plan with your Bruns. josephinae.  I'm going to wait out the
Summer months 'til late Sept./early Oct., then bed them individually in my
8'W x 15'L x 2.5'D Amaryllid Mound, so their roots can go where they will.

If they take off ('take off' being a relative term for a bulb that takes 15
years to reach flowering maturity) like the A.belladonnas did, I'm looking
forward to it with much anticipation!

One of these days I'm going to have to get around to setting up a Flick'r
account so I can post pix.

But I'll keep you posted.

-david in Sactown

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