Ledebouria and soil type

Roy Herold rherold@yahoo.com
Fri, 24 Jun 2011 17:51:41 PDT
Years ago, in the infancy of my horticultural experience, I had a difficult time 
growing Ledebouria socialis. I had swiped a little offset from an unsuspecting 
garden center (for reference, read Allen Lacy's chapter on 'Gardening's Dirty 
Little Secret'), potted it up, and grew it on. It was fine for a while, 
multiplying like crazy, then started to sulk and lose its roots. Growing bored, 
I ripped it out of the pot and threw it on top of the rocks under the greenhouse 
bench. This was strictly a drainage area, with no soil whatsoever. 

Over the succeeding years, it grew, and grew, and grew. Bloomed like crazy, 
offsetted like crazy, either clumping or separated as Alberto mentioned. Eleven 
years ago, when I moved from that house, I left it behind, a clump about two 
feet across. Currently, I am free from Ledebouria socialis, and really don't 
miss it all that much. 

Now I am more worried about Ledebouria cooperi taking over the planet....

NW of  Boston
Cool and wet, still waiting for summer to arrive

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