Eulophia petersii

Leo A. Martin
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 13:30:00 PDT
Jude wrote

> Most of the [orchid] sites I find on Google (Thousands)
> are either basically non-active, or too "busy" (Some of these websites
> have 200-300 tabs/links all on the first page - oh boy!) (Is there an
> Orchid e-mail list like ours?)

Orchidaceae is the biggest plant family, and incredibly variable in
habitat, size, growing requirements, etc..... Most growers specialize in
things we can grow best or in things that really interest us. So, I would
guess the orchid lists are segregated by type of plant. Eulophia are
terrestrial African orchids, so try looking for lists discussing
terrestrial orchids or African orchids. I don't grow many orchids now, but
my impression has been most orchidists look down their noses at
terrestrials in favor of the epiphytes, with the exception of the
terrestrial slipper orchids (Cypripedium/Paphiopedilum/Phragmipedium
unless the names have been changed again.)

> In addition, I've been looking for an Eulophia petersii, which is a very
> neat, succulent, "bulbous" orchid without much luck - any leads (plant,
> not seed) would be appreciated. Best, Jude

It's a great plant, and the only orchid we can grow outside in Phoenix
without any trouble. A lot of succulent nurseries sell this plant. Realize
it does best in a big container. People who grow it really well say to put
it in the biggest pot your staff can lift when you move it inside for the
winter. It can bloom in smaller containers but not as regularly.

Here in Arizona all three of these nurseries usually have it, and all are
good people:

Arid Lands - Bob Webb and Toni Yocum

Living Stones Nursery and Plants for the Southwest - Gene Joseph and Jane

Succulentia - Steve Martinez

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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