Ledebouria and soil type

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 I use the same general ratio of organic to inorganic as Nhu. My compost consists of peanut hulls, pine bark, peat, and then sand or turface mixed in. Good drainage is key while retaining moisture is also important. They get partial shade throughout the day. Full sun seems to lead foliage burn on many of them. They get regular watering with dilute fertilizer. They are also repotted on a regular basis, usually every 2 years. Socialis is slow at first, but once it gets started it vigourously produces offsets.

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I grow my ledebourias in a rich organic mix of about 1:1 organic:///inorganic/.
A number of them (like L. socialis) don't like full sun. Ledebouria socialis
in particular should stay moist during its growing season and be fertilized
sparingly. They also look sad and hold on to only 1 or 2 leaves if you don't
give them a dry winter dormancy. Once they get out of their dormancy they
will sprout new leaves and produce lots of flowers.

In my experience, the bulblets take a while to grow new roots and leaves.

Berkeley, CA

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