Hardiness of Stinky Aroids

Judy Glattstein jgglatt@gmail.com
Thu, 16 Jun 2011 11:35:33 PDT
Alberto, the Dracunculus is hardy. I've had it in the ground for a 
number of years.

The Sauromatum is not hardy and must be dug every fall for storage in my 
unheated, attached garage (cold but above freezing.)

Interestingly, the Sauromatum is more tender to frost than 
Amorphophallus, which also needs dug and stored in the garage. The 
Sauromatum collapses at the first kiss of frost while the Amorphophallus 
takes a stronger cold snap to knock it back.

Unless you are asking about woodchucks which, as Dell will confirm, do 
altogether too well as far as hardiness and propagation are concerned.

Judy in overcast New Jersey with rain in the forecast

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