Bulbous pelargoniums

Leo A. Martin leo@possi.org
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 12:24:31 PDT
Hello Marie,

There are lots of tuberous as well as thick-stemmed Pelargonium that do
just fine here in hot Arizona. Some of mine are flowering right now. The
tuberous ones aren't too happy with extreme hot weather nor with rain when
it's hot, so I grow the tuberous ones in containers and bring them in the
house once they wither and go dormant. I put them outside in late fall
when nights are getting chilly. If they start growing on their own towards
late summer or fall I water them and put them outside whenever they wish.

You can find seed of many on the Web. I have ordered a lot from Silverhill
Seeds in South Africa. Lots of the winter-growing, tuberous Pelargonium
will bloom the first year if sown in the fall just as nights are cooling.

The succulent, non-tuberous Pelargonium and relatives (like Monsonia and
Sarcocaulon) I keep outside in the summer, but I move them into some
shade. I water them all summer just enough that they don't lose their
leaves. But that's a topic for the cacti_etc forum, not this one. And note
that there are cactus & succulent societies in both Phoenix and Tucson,
and people in both societies grow Pelargoniums:

Leo Martin
Phoenix Arizona USA

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