Yahoo List problems

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 24 Jun 2011 07:32:28 PDT

One of our list members wrote to me with a concern that he was not 
getting his messages from our list delivered in a timely fashion. 
Sometimes a response message came before the original message. In the 
case of the BX that could mean you'd receive the message that it was 
closed before the message with the offerings. He had a 
address so I suspected it was a problem with, not our list. 
I asked for private responses from others with yahoo to see if others 
were having problems as well and a number of you wrote to me that you 
were. David Pilling got a yahoo address to test it out and found that 
messages were often delayed. I opened a help ticket with ibiblio and 
they contacted Yahoo. Today I got the response that at their 
discretion Yahoo blocks high traffic mail servers, usually for 48 
hours at a time. Ibiblio would continue to resend the message until 
it got delivered once the block was removed. There isn't anything 
ibiblio can do about this. Since ibiblio has a number of lists, it 
could be action on another list that would trigger a problem. If it 
is important to you to get the pbs list messages in a timely fashion, 
it is suggested that you consider getting another mail platform. One 
option if you wish to keep your yahoo address is to get a gmail 
account and have all the pbs list messages forwarded to it.

I spent some time searching on gmail and found this link that 
explains how to do it:… 

Since we have more than 50 members of this list with yahoo addresses, 
if you plan to do this please just subscribe to the list with the new 
gmail address and afterwards send Diane or me a note (privately) or 
through the web contact form on the Pacific Bulb Society page that 
you wish to unsubscribe under your old yahoo address or you wish to 
set it to nomail so you won't get double messages. Then you could 
still post from the yahoo address. That will save us a lot of time 
from having to go in and change addresses one at a time and then 
check later to make sure the changes go through since those require 
confirmation from the recipient. If you are in no hurry to get pbs 
list messages, there is no need to change.

Mary Sue
pbs list administrator

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