James Waddick
Sun, 26 Jun 2011 11:18:55 PDT
>  >
>>	2. It is ESSENTAIL to acquire new cvs actively growing in
>>  pots. Dormant - bare root - bulbs are doomed to fail.
>Perhaps Jim just means this is essential in his conditions.

Dear Diane, Jim S and all,

	Yes this seems to be true. As Jane suggested Crocosmia do 
much better if they have a 'string' of old bulbs still attached as 
they would in growth in a pot (mostly). Bare, dry single bulbs have 
never succeeded in my Zone 5/6 climate.

	Diane, Can you recommend any of Far Reaches Farm that are 
especially floriferous, easy or have other good characteristics?

	Jim - have you tried potted plants? Harder to come by, but 
worth the slightly bigger investment. A couple bulbs growing in a pot 
are much costlier than a handful of dry bulbs, but ultimately proved 
"THE IDEAL' way to get these established. I wonder if anyone else in 
Zone 5/6 has success growing these cvs? Ellen does, I am sure since I 
bought one from her.

	We have yet to get seed on Crocosmia here, but I will 
certainly try seed as soon as some appears. This may be another means 
to hardy cvs.

	Thanks to all.		Jim W.

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