Some Pacific coast natives
Thu, 30 Jun 2011 16:59:24 PDT
I've got a few bulbs in flower that are native to the Pacific coast, and 
they're putting on a rather nice show:

Brodiaea coronaria, from a few bulbs collected roadside a couple of miles from 

Mixed in with the brodiaea are:

Allium accuminatum, two forms, both collected locally: one with rather darker 
flowers and sturdier stems than usual; and the other with white flowers.

Elsewhere in the garden:

Triteleia ixioides: grown from exchange seed, and putting on quite the show. 
Not native locally; a Californian bulb.

These are all easy bulbs if you live in a temperate Mediterranean climate - 
winters not excessively cold, summers very dry. All of them seem to be 
proliferating, and the show of flowers seems better this year than usual, 
perhaps because we had a longer, chillier winter than usual.

I've sent a few bulbs of the darker Allium accuminatum to a couple of 
nurserymen in the past, asking that the cultivar name be 'Oluna' (after Oluna 
Ceska, a botanist and botanical artist here), but neither has made an 
appearance in a catalog to my knowledge. More's the pity as it is superior to 
the run of the mill specimens of the species.
Rodger Whitlock
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

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