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If anyone has an interest in aspidistra, you may find our aspidistra photo gallery of interest...currently with 118 photos of both the foliage and flowers.…

Since it's hard for us to consider aspidistra as a bulb, tuber, or corm, we established an aspidistra chat group at…

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I have about a ten Aspidistra species. I may have had Milky Way" but I think
that it is one I lost in the green house, last winter, which was
exceptionally cold
There are several groups within Aspidistra and several types of flower too.
They have a distribution including Yunan, ?Burma, Korea, Japan and ?Korea
I dont have any Rohdea but I did buy a couple of Peliosanthes this spring.
I believe that some on this forum are particularly well informed on
Aspidistra and I too would be glad to hear what they might have to say.

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> I have no clue why, but from the time I joined, I've seen nothing mentioned
> about these two wonderfully fantastic genera. Is there anybody else out
> there who appreciates and / or collects these? What are your favorites and
> why?
> I will start: I have a modest collection of about a dozen types and am
> always looking for more.
> My favorite Aspidistra is the sp. lurida Ginga ("milky way" - who has the
> REAL milky way anyway? Is there a hard and fast rule to differentiate them?)
> - I just get lost in each leaf with its' starry patterns of yellow dots.
> For a Rohdea, my favorite is the plain jane japonica. I love the simplicity
> of it.
> The first time I saw an Aspidistra flower, I was dumfouned! I knew they
> were held low, but this one was actually buried, and only visible after I
> pulled the plant up. It looks exactly like a paw paw tree flower. Amazing!
> Do share!
> Jude
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