Bedding Rhodophiala: "Better safe than sorry."

David Maxwell
Tue, 28 Jun 2011 09:42:54 PDT
Hi Alberto,

I've got 3 years invested in these Rhodophiala, so I'll follow your
suggestion and sink the pots rather than bed them directly in the
ground..."Better safe than sorry."

Also, I understand now what you mean by 'taming'...or domesticating.

Given their germination ratio (23:30) & speedy flowering (2 1/2 years), the
R.montana already seemed very well suited to suburban Sacramento life.

The others are soldiering on...but less so.

R.splendens & R.advena also seem the hardiest by willing to continue to grow
even when summer temps climb into the high F80s & F90s.

I planted the seeds of the 2 alpine species (R.rhodolirion & R.andicola)
together...and now there's only 1 seedling left standing...and I dunno

Anyway, thanks again for the info & advice.

- david

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