James L. Jones
Sun, 26 Jun 2011 15:57:21 PDT
I've been growing Crocosmia paniculata (from seed) for a while and it survives for me where C. x crocosmiiflora types don't.  This could be a matter of temperature or of moisture (too little).  The paniculata hasn't bloomed for the last too years but that is likely the result of too zealous division.  In any case, it's looking healthy at the moment and surely intending to bloom.
Jim Jones
Lexington, MA

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Dear Friends,
	I've written about these before, but I think it finally sank in.

	1. Crocosmia REALLY ARE hardy here. They made it through -12 
F last winter and extended cold and snow.

	2. It is ESSENTAIL to acquire new cvs actively growing in 
pots. Dormant - bare root - bulbs are doomed to fail.

	3. I am now feeling totally confident with 'Lucifer', 
'Distant Planet', and 'George Davidson'. The first and last are just 
coming into bloom, the middle in bud. I was a bit confused at first 
with George D. It is listed as 'the best yellow' flowered, but as 
buds were developing for the first time, they were clearly bright 
orange, but the face of the flower is bright clean yellow.

	After killing a number of dormant bulbs and following Jane 
McGary's advice how these bulbs grow I am a definite Corocosmia 

	Thanks to advice from PBSers in the past. 		Jim W.
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