Carnivorous Plants, a few Irises, and some Manfreda virginica

Dennis Kramb
Sat, 04 Jun 2011 12:14:31 PDT
Excuse my cross-post!

I visited Miami University's conservatory in Hamilton, Ohio today and took
quite a few photos of their CP collection.
(I didn't downsize the photos, sorry.)

Carnivorous Plants:

Manfreda virginica:

Ferraria crispa:  (definitely the weirdest irid that i've ever seen)

Semi-hydroponic tomatoes?:

The conservatory has done a much smarter job of pairing up Iris species that
will bloom simultaneously with their pitcher plants than I did.  I went
based off some pics on the web of stuff blooming in coastal South Carolina.
So I put together Sarracenia with Iris tridentata.  I would have been better
off doing Iris versicolor!  Oh well.... I'm not complaining.  My tridentata
won't bloom for a few more weeks, and my Sarracenia are almost done.

In the last three CP photos, there was a beautiful iridescent blue wasp(?)
that kept going down into the pitchers.  I couldn't believe it was able to
climb back out.  I'm not sure if the pitchers were still too young, or
what?  But there were several of these shiny flying jewels doing it.  I have
not seen them in my pitcher plant collection at home.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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