Fritillaria meleagris

David Pilling
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 06:19:33 PDT

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Hoel <> writes
>I have a number of seed pods on my F. meleagris this year and would 
>like to experiment with propagation.  I will let these mature and dry 
>and will probably send some along to the Bulb Exchange.  Any 
>recommendations about germinating/propagating from seed?

It is said that seed is ephemeral, therefore it needs sowing or putting 
in cold storage as soon as possible. But in my experience it will 
withstand a bit of time dried out.

Seed I have had from the AGS/SRGC seed exs which are relatively slow and 
take place at the end of the year has germinated.

Germination is triggered by a cold spell. Sow seed on the surface, maybe 
under a few grains of vermiculite.

Sow it now and it will germinate in Spring 2012 and might flower in 
Spring 2014.

David Pilling
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