Habranthus, Zephyranthes & Rhodophiala Intergeneric Compatibility?

Ina Crossley klazina1@gmail.com
Sat, 25 Jun 2011 12:26:52 PDT
I have Habranthus Robustus which has crossed by open pollination as some 
I am now growing are not like the original ones.

Zephyranthes Grandiflora does occasionally set seed, at least mine do.  
And I use it to pollinate other Zephs and Habranthus.

I am surprised at how easily some of them cross of their own accord, 
like the Zephyranthes Primulina which I  have grown from my own seed and 
has a white flower, and I certainly didn't cross it with any other 
ones.  I think it crossed with Zephyranthes Verecunda as it flowered 
late into autumn and the Z. Verecunda is the only one to do so.

I do not have any Rhodophiala.


On 26/06/2011 1:51 a.m., Alberto Castillo wrote:
> David,
>            they so vaguely remember each other that crosses have been failure. As things go nowadays, much more important would be to obtain self seed for new virus free stock in cultivation.
>            Of Zephyranthes grandiflora, 99.9% of the plants in cultivation are of the stock that does not set seed.
>            Rhodophiala montana and the other Chilean Rhodophialas deserve to be "tamed" and propagated from domestic seed to gradually select plants that are less wild and more adapted to cultivation.
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