Bulbous pelargoniums

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Mon, 06 Jun 2011 08:00:38 PDT
Marie, Thanks! 

Pushing out bloom stocks is what they are meant to do now. You think the
plants have gone dormant in April  or early May, depending on the year and
the location. Only after that has finished does the real action take place!
Do not water them after they have started to throw up the bloom shoots. They
do this out in the Karoo and in northern Namaqualand, beautiful flowers
above totally bare rock and soil.

In sunny, hot Arizona, as you put it, they should do great. If you have them
in pots I would recommend keeping them partly shaded in summer to prevent
the pots getting to 180 F - which they can. In the ground they are perfect
in full sun as the soil temperature drops rapidly even 0.5 inches below the
surface. Adding pebbles, as in nature, accomplishes this. 

Whenever the Wiki gets back to normal I may add some more shots. Alberto
(off line on account of  site matters) asked for shots to show leaves. I
cannot show both flowers and leaves together. Now you know why.

San Diego

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Andrew great pictures. I just started growing some of these this past year.
I had a new order come in of some that should have been going dormant about
now but instead are sending up bloom stocks.
Suny Hot Arizona
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> Subject: [pbs] Bulbous pelargoniums
> In this delightfully cool year, spring has lasted an amazing length of
> The tuberous pelargoniums are still in bloom here. They are normally 
> late bloomers but this year they have lasted longer than normal. If 
> you go to 
> http://flickr.com/photos/andrewrmw/…
> box/ you'll see P. triandrum and if you go to 
> http://flickr.com/photos/andrewrmw/…
> box/ you'l see P. caroli-henrici, a personal favorite.
> Andrew
> San Diego
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