Remembering Adam Fikso
Wed, 22 Jun 2011 04:08:25 PDT
A great man.

Adam kept up a correspondence with me, exchanged a few plants, always sent me the funniest jokes and files by e-mail (some I could not share with everyone!) that always cheered me up even in gloomy moments, and even sent me family christmas cards, though I never got to see what he looked like. A lot of sentiments and experiences are shared and already mirrored in what others have written. 

Other parallels too. I was a grade school herp fan though always liked plants and gardens somewhat. The love of the woods and nature and exploring garden centers led me to Sarracenias and bonsai and such and after I saw Cypripedium acaule it became an obsession. 

Great to have had friends who share such and hope I can someday meet more of you. We'll miss you Adam.

Bonaventure Magrys
Cliffwood Beach, NJ

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