Orchids ?

The Silent Seed santoury@aol.com
Mon, 06 Jun 2011 06:51:48 PDT
 Hi all,
There are many "bulbous" (I use that term loosely, obviously) Orchids, and I'm trying to find a good ACTIVE forum and was wondering if any of you know of some good ones? Most of the sites I find on Google (Thousands) are either basically non-active, or too "busy" (Some of these websites have 200-300 tabs/links all on the first page - oh boy!) (Is there an Orchid e-mail list like ours?) 
In addition, I've been looking for an Eulophia petersii, which is a very neat, succulent, "bulbous" orchid without much luck - any leads (plant, not seed) would be appreciated. 
Best, Jude

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