rare/specialty forms of galanthus

KEVIN INKAWHICH kevin_ink@mac.com
Sun, 19 Jun 2011 07:28:44 PDT
Thanks everyone for your help and advice.  I can see that this will be quite a challenge! But isn't every worthwhile effort a challenge? 
I wrote to Mr Lyman yesterday. 
Keep all your good advice coming, John were would I get the necessary papers to place an order with the UK from you?
Sounds like it's worth a shot.

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> As Jane McGary says, the biggest problem in getting Galanthus into North 
> America is the paperwork and bureaucracy required. We (Colesbourne Gardens 
> http://www.snowdrop.org.uk/) are one of the few UK suppliers to export snowdrops (as 
> dormant bulbs, the only time we move them) to North America and it is a 
> matter for major stress. The paperwork for each consignment is massive, but 
> the worst part is not knowing whether the parcels will be inspected by 
> British customs on the way out, and the CITES licences stamped properly: we 
> have had great problems because this has not happened in the past.
> It's not surprising that some people choose the easy route and smuggle them 
> in, but CITES has teeth in international law (think ivory, rhino horn, 
> orchids) and there are potential phytosanitary consequences of unchecked 
> material, so we do it the hard way.
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>> Kevin wrote
>>> Dear Fellow Bulb Fanatics-
>>> Subject line says it.
>>> Seems they are difficult to locate in the states.  Any suggestions
>>> or better to offer?  Would like to get some soon.
> w
>> are convinced that this is a myth that began when we didn't have the
>> ability to store the dormant bulbs properly and ship them quickly.
>> When I was selling bulbs I always sent my Galanthus bulbs dormant in
>> late summer, packed in barely moist vermiculite, and I've received
>> healthy bulbs from the UK and Latvia at this stage also. It also
>> means much less expense! We may hear from Galanthus expert John
>> Grimshaw soon on this topic.
>> Though I'm no galanthophile (snowdrop fanatic), we do have a few here
>> in the Pacific Northwest and it's likely that we'll slowly build up a
>> community stock of select varieties that will eventually be
>> disseminated. One problem is that the genus Galanthus is CITES
>> controlled (because of harvesting in the wild in Turkey) and
>> therefore very expensive to import: each listed genus in an order
>> requries a separate, costly CITES permit, even if the material being
>> shipped is a named variety that's been propagated in gardens for a 
>> century.
>> Jane McGary
>> Portland, Oregon, USA
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