European Romulea
Sat, 12 Mar 2011 00:29:54 PST

Dear Friends,

it would be quite a long job to translate the whole taxonomy of Italian Romulea, which are 11 species by the way, most part of them being endemic of relatively small areas. Sure that most species have small flowers and have little horticoltural interest, but R. bulbocodium and ligustica have flowers not so small, just a bit less of the large SA species (i.e. R. monadelpha which is blooming now) and make nice clumps in few years. Of course this is a genus for alpine-plants lovers, with them you can't make a focal point in your garden !
About the hardiness I have no clues, from the habitat I can guess zone 8 should be fine. I will remember to send seeds to the BX of both the species I grow.

Angelo Porcelli
Apulia - Southern Italy

P.S. Jane if you have photos, send me privately

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