European Romuleas

James Waddick
Fri, 11 Mar 2011 11:15:45 PST
>People rarely think of growing European romuleas because they're 
>little and don't make much of a splash, but grouped closely they're 
>pretty, and nothing could be easier from seed. I used to have a 
>strain of Romulea bulbocodium called 'Knightshayes Form' that was 
>quite showy, brilliant purple and rather large-flowered, but I put 
>it in the garden where it promptly was eaten by voles. I'd be glad 
>to get it again if possible.

Dear Jane,
	This is raising a possibility. I have never given a second 
thought to Romulea, but how hardy are these smaller European species 
and selections?  Any have a chance in Zone 5/6 ? I'm always up for a 
'trial' .

	I recall seeing the 'Knightshayes Form' listed somewhere, but 
ti might google too.

	Anyone have success growing these in the north? Ellen ?

		Thanks	Jim W.
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