Crinum x Christopher Thunbergii - corrections?

James Waddick
Wed, 30 Mar 2011 14:34:33 PDT
>Bought this at Peckerwood Garden but can't find any info on 
>internet?  Emailed PG but have not received a response yet.  Pot tag 
>spelling is "Thundbergii" but their plant list spelling is 

Dear Gail,

	Since no one has replied.....

	Nurseries can have notoriously bad tag at times although I'd 
expect better from your source. I , who know little about Crinum, can 
hazard a guess.

	You may have Crinum "Saint Christopher". This is hybrid 
between C. giganteum (C. jagus) x C. bulbispermum.

	C. bulbispermum was once known as C. longifolium as described 
by botanist Thunberg, often Latinized as Thunbergii.

	This is all according to the expert, the late Les Hannibal. 
If you Googlge "Crinum 'Saint Christopher' " you should find lots 
about it including pix to compare it in bloom.

	Good luck.		Best	Jim W.
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