Leucojum aestivum cvs.?

James Waddick jwaddick@kc.rr.com
Thu, 31 Mar 2011 09:52:30 PDT
>I know that Gravetye Giant may take a couple of years for its extra 
>large size and flowers to materialise.
>But saying that, they are not that much bigger than any other form, 
>just enough to warrant cultivation.

Dear MArk,
	Thanks for your info. Apparently L. aestivum is pretty 
variable and 'Gravetye Giant' may be the common form in commerce - at 
least in the US. I'll check these more close with caliper in hand 
when they get into full bloom.

>	Re: yellow tips.This is surely a L.vernum form? This is 
>called L.vernum var. 'Wagneri' variously. I have from Germany a form 
>which is very good and stable called 'Eva Habermeyer'.

	John Grimshaw has explained this very well. Normally L. 
vernum has a single flower per stalk, but the name  'vagneri' has 
been applied to any plants with 2 flowers per stalk and with green 
spots.  This is apparently fairly unstable and random and probably 
has no value as a cv or ssp name. However there have been some cvs 
named and introduced, but are in very modest cultivation.

>The semi-double L. vernum 'Gretrude Weisser' is around.It is a north 
>american selection.
>I am still waiting for a true and beautiful double form of either of 
>these species.

	Yes, I recently note a pic posted to the wiki of 'Gertrude 
Wister a multipetalled form - kind of messy to me.

	Until  a few years ago, I was confused about the differences 
and variation in the two spring Leucojum species. I suggest a look at 
the wiki for some details. 

	Apparently there are not true doubles of either of these species.

	again thanks for your info.		Best		Jim W.

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