Was- Impatiens flanaganae, now PBS "etiquette"

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Well I am from california. And what I have to offer are very large mature bulbs of haemanthus deformis and haemanthus crispus. Coming from my own collection of these bulbs and I would love an impatiens flanagane as I believe in protecting or at least keeping the species going (anything that is endangered) to me they all need a chance to be saved and to be made more of per say, they have us to do that for them and keep them going and not to see them all just died off one day. We can all make a difference and help endangered species become well, un endangered.  Warren
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>As an ex-nursery-owner, I have to remark that this is poor advice 
>(below).  Nursery owners are entitled to have their own view of how 
>they want to conduct business.  If this nursery has decided not to 
>ship, it probably isn't just that they haven't thought of it! 
>Respect their boundaries - don't beg.  The one "in" I might suggest 
>is that if you have something they really want you can offer that. 
>I never thought of myself as a mean person, but I was a little 
>surprised by the people who wrote after I closed the business 
>(people who had either never been customers or, if they had, had 
>been very - um - thrifty ones) and begged me to find them just one 
>more of this and that.  Favors are something you ask of 
>friends...don't expect businesses to do them for you if you're a 
>Just my two cents' worth -
Dear Ellen,
	You have obliquely and politely  hit on a sore point of mine.

	Warren, I do not mean to pick on you, but you started a 
series of messages that began even more messages to PBS that ask to 
trade, offer to sell, whatever without contributing information about 
your self (where do you garden, what state or zone), information 
about the plants you offer and obviously haven't noticed recent posts 
about this very exact species.
	This is topped by a series of well meaning replies that 
really should have been private replies and not of much use or 
informative to the group as a whole.

	Mary Sue has politely asked that members restrict commercial 
notes to a minimum. PBS is an educational group meant to inform its 
members not just sell or trade. Even our well organized Seed Ex/Bulb 
Ex has strict limits on announcements and Dell politely replies to 
request that should have been private as he emphasizes in every 

	I suppose it is the old adage that honey attracts more than 
vinegar. If you want to ask for something specific put the question 
in a sweeter context; request general information or share your own 
understanding of the topic or just be more forth coming.

My PBS etiquette suggestions
	I  think that every message to PBS should identify themselves 
as to gardening location because it adds so much to the question. 
Where is 'here' ? All my  messages include a very detailed 'Signature 
Block" that makes it infinitely easy to goggle right to my back yard.

	Messages should have some sharing of personal experience and 
exchange of information. Sort of status report that leads to your 
question, request or plea.

	And as Ellen put it  "Favors are something you ask of 
friends".  Personally I rarely reply to a stranger who asks for 
something without providing much incentive.  (although I did reply to 
Gail on her very first posting to PBS).

	First-time 'posters' or new members ought to identify them 
selves in their first post. Tell a little something about your 
favorite bulbous plants, where you garden, how you got started, Do 
you sell or trade or have an open garden... all those things you'd 
tell a new friend.

	These are not meant to be "RULES" or even vague suggestions, 
more like common courtesy and friendly associations.  Give a little, 
get a little.

	And again my apology to Warreen, who I really know so little 
about, but this has been stewing for a while and Ellen really is 
responsible for starting this posting. So, good luck, trying to 
locate Impatiens flanaganae.

		Best		Jim W.
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