Commercial Announcements

Mary Sue Ittner
Wed, 16 Mar 2011 14:37:38 PDT

For some of you who are new to our list, you may not realized that we 
are sponsored for free by as an educational organization, 
not a commercial one. We really do need to limit messages that are 
offers of things to sell. I know that many members of this list like 
to know of  bulbs and seeds they might obtain so we try to find a 
compromise. Please limit announcements on this list to a brief 
message directly people to email you PRIVATELY for details (like the 
price) if you have something to sell.  And please everyone if someone 
makes an offer of this nature, do not hit reply which will direct 
your reply to the list, but instead take the time to copy the email 
address of the sender into a new message and respond privately.

Thanking you in advance on behalf of everyone.

Mary Sue

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