BelleWood in Bloom

Judy Glattstein
Sat, 19 Mar 2011 11:00:49 PDT
Absurdly warm weather yesterday, 71 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny to 
boot. Little bulbs hurling themselves out of the earth and into flower 
with gay abandon: masses of Eranthis hyemalis and three sparse patches 
of E. pinnatifida. Lots of Galanthus, including Galanthus ikariae which 
used to be known as G. woronowii. Mine must be a good clone as they 
flower quite nicely. Generous amounts of Leucojum vernum. Crocus 
tommasinianus which apparently avoids depredation by the deer. A few 
Cyclamen coum, and more Scilla mischtschenkoana (an aside - I really, 
really prefer the older name of S. tubergeniana - not only easier to 
spell it's not pronounced like a cat's sneeze) And Colchicum 
(=Bulbocodium) vernum also in bloom. Fritillaria imperialis are emerging 
but have a ways to go before flowering. The fancies of Spring, ever 
welcome and delightful.

There are images of these bulbs on my web site:  Then go to Diary, and click on BelleWood in 
Bloom 2011.

Last Thursday I went to the rock garden at the New York Botanical Garden 
after teaching my class. Cyclamen coum in profuse bloom, lots of bulbous 
iris, small daffodils - so nice.

Judy in New Jersey where today is sunny, cooler than yesterday, and snow 
showers predicted for next Thursday

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