Fungus Gnats

Dennis Kramb
Mon, 21 Mar 2011 13:11:41 PDT
Lately I am baking new potting mix at 205 deg F for 60 minutes, before using
it.  I figure this is killing the incoming eggs.

Yellow sticky traps have dramatically reduced the gnats, but I still see
some every day.  And I think they are infesting my Hippeastrum roseum bulbs,
as Josh mentioned.

They are most annoying!!!!  I will try the hydrogen peroxide treatment.

Also now that my Pinguiculas are coming out of hibernation, they will
miraculously eliminate the remaining infestation.  Fungus gnats are only
troublesome during winter in my house!  Is there a year-round Pinguicula???
I don't think so.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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