Impatiens flanaganae

Warren Keller
Thu, 31 Mar 2011 18:21:49 PDT
I do need a good friend, anyone available? Lol. I really would like to grow these. I have the perfect spot for them. And it doesn't get too hot here in the summer. 
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Annies only ships 4" pots, the boxes for shipping are very size specific with compartments for each pot(and a very cool design), the site says this is a one time per year only item available in gallon pots etc. And is NOT currently available....  you really need a good friend in the area to get one for you When They Become Available...


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As an ex-nursery-owner, I have to remark that this is poor advice (below).  Nursery owners are entitled to have their own view of how they want to conduct business.  If this nursery has decided not to ship, it probably isn't just that they haven't thought of it!  Respect their boundaries - don't beg.  The one "in" I might suggest is that if you have something they really want you can offer that.  I never thought of myself as a mean person, but I was a little surprised by the people who wrote after I closed the business (people who had either never been customers or, if they had, had been very - um - thrifty ones) and begged me to find them just one more of this and that.  Favors are something you ask of friends...don't expect businesses to do them for you if you're a stranger.

Just my two cents' worth -


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>OK.  Then, if it isn't too much trouble, try writing them at the nursery at
>740 Market Ave., Richmond, CA 94801.  Explain how far away you live and beg
>a little.  You really, really want this Impatiens and why.  It can't hurt
>and might work.
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