"Weedy" Crocus

John Grimshaw j.grimshaw@virgin.net
Mon, 21 Mar 2011 11:59:40 PDT
I think the problem with Jim Waddick's crocuses not spreading by seed is 
that most cultivars offered by the Dutch bulb merchants and their agents are 
sterile clones that never set seed. It's very frustrating when one plants 
them and hopes for them to spread freely, but they don't! When I came to 
Colesbourne in 2003 we planted a few thousand corms of C. tommasinianus 
cultivars, with the hope that they'd form the source of a free-sowing 
population - but they're all still exactly where they were planted (except 
where moles have pushed them about a bit). Very disappointing. Now I am 
diligent in collecting seed from the original plantings of C. tommasinianus 
here, and strewing it out in the areas where I'd like to see sheets of 

A conspicuous exception is 'Yalta', a lovely selection by Janis Rukans that 
appears to be a hybrid betweem C. vernus and C. tommasinianus but produces 
seed freely (though I haven't seen what its seedlings look like yet).

Otherwise, as Roland mentions, you need to obtain a stock of wild-origin or 
at least wild-type plants, and raise them from seed.

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